Operation Control Center

Finding the most safe and economical route to destination, calculating fuel logs avoiding any wastage of resources, logging arrival and departure times, watching out for influences possibly causing harm to aircraft, crew or load, or endangering company┬┤s everyday smooth and punctual operation, be it departure delays, adverse weather, air traffic control disruption to political unrest: Immediate action will be taken and warnings to all concerned will be given.


24hours a day, 7days a week AIR CARGO GLOBAL s.r.o. OCC keeps a watchful eye on flight operations also of selected customers, better to say partner airlines, that chose to lay the important tasks of flight-planning and flight-control into Air Cargo Global┬┤s hands.


For OCC, AIR CARGO GLOBAL s.r.o. Directors brought together a team of specialists holding enormous air transport experience, military and civilian, carrying freight or passengers, leisure charter to highest rank governmental VIP-transport. All OCC flight controllers bear worldwide accepted aircraft-dispatcher licenses. Using the most advanced and tested computer based flight-planning and operations-support-systems in the industry as their tools, AIR CARGO GLOBAL s.r.o OCC is well equipped to react to any need or customer┬┤s request and to deliver a reliable ÔÇťstate of the artÔÇŁ product.